Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Miso Soup

We drink miso soup at least two to three times a week. Its delicious and full of goodness as the Japanese saying "A Bowl Of Miso Soup A Day Keeps The Doctor Away". For us, we just simply love the taste.

We uses either anchovies or chicken broth as the soup base and we usually add tofu, wakame (dried seaweed), enoki mushroom and spring onions.

Another healthy soup for dinner.


Hillary said...

Hmm I should really try that! Maybe it'll cure my never ending sickness! Looks great too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Miso soup is a sure fire cure for any stomach upset, in my experience.

Don't boil it. You destroy the active cultures if you do that.

Food 'n' Snap said...

Yes indeed if you boil it, the natural enzymes will be destroyed.

marias23 said...

How yummy! I've never made miso soup at home before. Do you just boil the broth/water and then add the miso paste? If so, how much do you add?

Food 'n' Snap said...

Hi Marias,
We added about a tablespoon to two miso paste depending on your taste preference to a bowl of broth (as seen in the photo).

First bring the broth to boil and then lower the fire before you add in tofu and other ingredients. Once all the ingredients are cook (about a few minutes on low heat), use some of the broth to dilute the miso paste in another bowl until the paste is smooth. Turn off the heat then pour diluted miso into the broth and stir to mix. Do not boil the broth once miso paste is added. Sprinkle some chopped scallion/spring onions and serve while its hot.