Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chocolate Banana Cake

After two weeks of "food deprivation" I couldn't wait any longer to satisfy my cravings and at the same time what could be a better way to show my appreciation to my beloved wife who especially took good care of me when I was sick.

An irresistible Chocolate Banana cake from Secret Recipe was all I had in mind and I bet she would be so delighted by this one.

So happen to be in town for my boss farewell dinner, I actually excused myself a bit earlier than the others so I could drop by at my favorite cake shop on my way home before they close for the day.

With a cup of French press Brazilian coffee, it was certainly a perfect supper for two of us.


Cindy. Lo. said...

My god it looked so good~

About Food 'n' Snap said...

Thanks Cindy. We are surprised to see you here cos we have been visiting Food Makes Me Happy frequently.

Flying_Dutchman1986 said...

It seems you have recovered completely! I'm glad to hear that!

Keep up the good work! It saddens me for not seeing any updates for 2 weeks, but as I know you, you wouldn't disappoint our anticipations.

Looking forward to your next dish!

About Food 'n' Snap said...

Hello flying_dutchman1986. Thank you for keeping track on this blog. I will try to say fit from now on and will never again be a day without my trusty green tea.

Hillary said...

Yea so I thought the miso soup looked good, and then I saw this!! Love bananas with chocolate, mmm mmm mmm!

Food 'n' Snap said...

Thanks for the comment hilary. Its was truly delicious but I wasn't please with the photo at all. Took it at night under white lights. I bet it will look much more delicious if I have snapped it in the afternoon with natural lights from my window. Next time I will do that and I will post some better looking photos.